How to Withdraw

You can use ioPay mobile app or ioPay desktop to withdraw from Cyclone Protocol.

Step 1 - Navigate to "Withdraw" Tab

Step 2 - Paste Note to Validate

Step 3 - Enter Your Address

You can always withdraw to the address you used for deposit. But if you intend to use Cyclone Protocol to shield your transaction, please deposit to a new address that has never been used.

Step 4 - Click "WITHDRAW" Button and Confirm the Withdraw

The zkSNARKs proof is generated using the note your provided which will usually take 30 seconds to finish. If you hang on this page for more than 2 minutes, please refresh Cyclone App and retry.

Step 5 - Relayer Invokes Cyclone Contract and Fund Your Address

The relayer will invoke Cyclone contract and fund your address in about 30 seconds.

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