How can I withdraw IoTeX chain's deposit?


  1. select IoTeX blockchain

  2. switch to withdraw tab

  3. paste your note

  4. you should be good to go!

Why can I vote?

You need to go to snapshot page to vote: https://snapshot.org/#/realcycloneprotocol.eth/

To make a valid vote, you need to have CYC in your wallet before the "snapshot" time listed on each vote.

Below is an example.

Why invalid note?

In short, your note is not in the right format. Here are some quick ways to investigate

  1. For V1 cyclone pools on IoTeX, your note should starts with cyclone-IOTX-100000000000000000000000-1-N-0x. N is a number from 0-7. If it is not, you need to see which part is missing.

  2. For v1 cyclone pools, you need to select iotex chain before withdraw. Please see the other FAQ for details.

  3. For V2 cyclone pools on BSC, your note should starts with cyclone-56-N-0x. N is a number from 8 to 10.

Ways to find your note back?

  1. if you deposited on a desktop, a note was saved to your desktop hardrive by downloading it from browser. If you didn't delete it, it is likely still there in your default downloads folder.

  2. Your browser session. You will see your note at the bottom of cyclone's website if browser does not clean its cache. Please note this storage is not permanent and you may lose it anytime.

  3. If you deposited on phone, you may have it saved to a note app or somewhere.

  4. Otherwise, you may have lost your note.

Note is "valid", but I cannot withdraw

First, the note does not show invalid just because the format is valid. It does not mean the note is "valid" or good to withdraw. Only if you start withdraw with ZK proof and the contract will verify if the note is good.

If you cannot withdraw, there are three possible reasons

  1. the note is spent. You or someone withdraw with the note.

  2. the note is invalid. You might have recorded the wrong note or you got a fake note from someone.

  3. [unlikely, but it happened] the chain has an issue to verify the note. If you believe your note is this case, you can talk to admin of your social group to get help.

Please don't leak your note anytime. If you leak, you may lose the fund.

What happened if I lose my note?

Note is like your private key. If you lose it, you cannot withdraw it from cyclone. If anyone found your note, they can withdraw your fund easily as well. So please keep it in a secure place, just they way you keep your private key.

Why didn't I receive airdrop?

Cyclone did a large amount of airdrop at time of its launch. You can read this for more details: https://docs.cyclone.xyz/cyc-token-roadmap#fair-launch-on-iotex-2021-q-1-completed

All airdrop data are here: https://github.com/cycloneprotocol/airdrop-data

Please note that some telegram users referral points may have reduced due to the following reasons

  1. referrals didn't set up their wallet with the telegram bot (they are not eligible to earn points either)

  2. accounts were detected as spammers (similar accounts)

  3. referrals didn't join the group

Please stay tuned for new airdrops on BSC.

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