In 2021, there are four major milestones for Cyclone Protocols: fair launch on IoTeX, liftoff on BSC, propel on Ethereum, and auto drive for all.

Liftoff on BSC (2021 Q2, Ongoing)

Launch Cyclone Protocol with anonymity mining and liquidity mining on BSC. When we deploy CYC token contracts on BSC, 202.1 CYC (yes, 202.1!) are minted and reserved for the following:

  • 2.1 CYC - initial liquidity provision on Pancake

  • 50 CYC - reservation for airdropping to BSC users

  • 50 CYC - reservation for rewarding early participants on IoTeX

  • 50 CYC - reservation for marketing, growth and BD

  • 50 CYC - reservation for protocol development

Note that all CYC tokens on BSC can be seamlessly cross-chain-transferred from/to IoTeX (and other blockchains soon) at 1:1 ration, via bridges such as ioTube.

Propel on Ethereum (2021 Q2, Upcoming)

Launch Cyclone Protocol with anonymity mining and liquidity mining on Ethereum. Some of the new pools on Ethereum will be launched on top of DeFi DApps. Details are TBD.

Governance DAO on IoTeX (2021 Q2, Upcoming)

Once Cyclone Protocol is stabilized, the governance DAO will be activated and take over all serving contracts to make cyclone protocol fully autonomous. Voters are encourage to cross-chain vote for new anonymity pools, update the parameters, among many other initiatives.

Cross-chain Yielding Aggregation (2021 Q3, Planning)

Cyclone protocol is the world-first protocol that supports anonymity pools compositing with yield-generating DeFi components, and it is the universal privacy-enhancement layer for all DeFi apps. We aim to launch cross-chain yielding-aggregated anonymity pools in Q3 2021.

Fair Launch on IoTeX (2021 Q1, Completed)

Fair launches have always been lauded as the holy grail for a cryptocurrency. We advocate strongly for a fair launch for the community. CYC tokens will be initially distributed to community supporters without a price or absurd valuation.

When we deploy CYC token contracts, 2021 CYC (yes, 2021!) will be minted and reserved for airdrop and lucky draw.

Day 1 - Day 7

Day 1 started on 1/19/2020 6AM UTC. Check out this tweet!

This is the bootstrap phase of cyclone's pools, during which 3 Early Birds Pools will be deployed (where mint-n-burn and liquidity mining are disable with anonymity mining enabled). Everyone is encouraged to deposit IOTX into the 3 early bird pools to get CYCs via airdrop and lucky draw which works as below:

Early Birds Rewards

  • Each deposit to Pool 1 - Early Sparrow (10,000 IOTX) earns 5 points

  • Each deposit to Pool 2 - Early Raven (100,000 IOTX) earns 60 points

  • Each deposit to Pool 3 - Early Eagle (1,000,000 IOTX) earns 720 points

  • mimo users (who have at least 1 transaction on mimo) before 2020/12/31 PT earns 50 points

  • All IOTX bucket holders before 2020/12/31 PT earns 50 points

  • Each address can have at most 8000 points

  • 1500 CYCs will be airdropped to all participating addresses, proportional to their points obtained

Early Testers Reward

Social Birds Rewards

  • 100 CYC will be airdropped to all social advocators based on points

  • Telegram Bounty (max 1000 points!!)

    • Follow twitter - required (for future lucky draws)

    • Join telegram group and channel - required, 2 points

    • Refer friends to join group - optional, 1 points per referral

    • Talk to to get started

    • Spammers will void their points if detected

  • Please note these points are separate from Early Bird Rewards points.

Please be aware of the rules for telegram referrals: 1. you need to set wallet address 2. your referral should be real people. Basic requirement is they have set their wallet address and in the group. 3. you are not detected as spammers or bots.

Lucky Draws

  • 3 CYCs will be given to the 15 largest transaction hash in Early Bird Pool 1

  • 30 CYCs will be given to the 15 largest transaction hash in Early Bird Pool 2

  • 300 CYCs will be given to the 15 largest transaction hash in Early Bird Pool 3

On Day 8 (1/26/2021 6AM UTC)

  1. Airdrop and lucky-draw happen

  2. Deploy Pools 1, 2, 3 and 4 which have all token economics components enabled (mint-n-burn, liquidity mining and anonymity mining), while keeping Early Bird Pools. We encourage users to move their funds from Early Bird Pools to Pools.

  3. Trading on mimo starts!