How to Liquidity Mining

You can use ioPay mobile app or ioPay desktop to setup liquidity mining for Cyclone Protocol.

Step 1 - Click "Mining" in Menu to Open Liquidity Mining Tab

Step 2 - Click "ADD LIQUIDITY" to Add Liquidity on

Make sure you have sufficient $CYC and $IOTX in your wallet and click "Supply" to proceed. Once the transaction finishes, your $CYC and $IOTX are deposited to mimo for Automated Market Maker (AMM), and you will receive the pool token in your wallet.

You can always check here to get an idea about the current status of liquidity.

Step 3 - Come Back to Liquidity Mining Tab and Click "STAKE" and Confirm

By doing this, your pool tokens are staked into Cyclone's contract, and you start to earn $CYC! You can always check the upper section of the Liquidity Mining Tab to see how much $CYC you are earning and the current APY, e.g., 2,168%!

Step 4 - Use "CLAIM" to Collect Your Liquidity Mining Reward

Whenever you want, click "CLAIM" to redeem $CYC you earned, which will be deposited to your wallet once the transaction is done.

Step 5 - Use "UNSTAKE" to Withdraw Your Pool Token

If you are done with liquidity mining, click "UNSTAKE" to with your pool token to your wallet. Optionally, you can go back to to remove your liquidity to get back $CYC and $IOTX.

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