Decentralized Governance

Cyclone governance is inspired by the Compound Governance Model. Cyclone will be governed and upgraded by CYC token holders using three distinct components: the CYC token, governance module (Governor Alpha), and Timelock. Together, these contracts will allow the community to propose, vote, and implement changes towards Cyclone. Proposals can include changes like adding support for new assets, optimizing current token pools, adjusting CYC's minting/burning rates, and more.

We estimate the governance DAO will be activated in early Q2 2021.

At least the following rights are entitled to CYC holders:

  • Which blockchain to support next

  • Launch a new anonymity pool with a certain asset

  • Update params of an existing anonymity pool, e.g., CYC to mine per day

  • Launch a new liquidity pool

  • Update params of an existing liquidity pool, e.g., CYC to mine per day

  • Other token economics of CYC

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