Token Economics


Cyclone Protocol is fueled by the CYC token, which is designed to incentivize anonymity providers, liquidity providers, and users. CYC is NOT pre-mined or pre-allocated. Those that contribute to Cyclone will earn CYC.

  • Total Supply: 50,000, fixed

  • Circulating Supply: ~6,000 (see for the latest info)

  • CYC Mint

    • Genesis anonymity pools will be provisioned when launch on a blockchain

    • Opening of additional anonymity pools will have to go through community vote

    • Anonymity Mining: Coins/tokens are rewarded to ones who deposit coins/tokens into anonymity pools and keep them there for a while. There are two versions of anonymity mining that mint CYC in different ways.

    • Liquidity Mining: CYC is rewarded to users who provides liquidity for CYC on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges).

  • CYC Utility

    • Use Anonymity Pool: when one uses the anonymity pool to gain privacy, a certain portion of CYC will be burned.

    • Decentralized Governance: CYC holders are entitled to govern the Cyclone Protocol.

Roles and Rewards

There are four roles in Cyclone Protocol.


How To Become


Anonymity Provider

Provide anonymity by depositing tokens and letting them stay there for a while

Anonymity mining reward


Deposit-and-withdraw tokens for transactional privacy

Gain privacy

Liquidity Provider

Bond coins/tokens + CYC to DEX to provide liquidity of CYC

Liquidity mining reward


CYC holders who decide how the protocol evolves

Certain rights

CYC Token

CYC Token is issued on multiple blockchains and fully connected via the bridge. The CYC contract addresses are different chains are:

  • IoTeX io1f4acssp65t6s90egjkzpvrdsrjjyysnvxgqjrh

  • BSC 0x810ee35443639348adbbc467b33310d2ab43c168

  • Ethereum 0x8861cff2366c1128fd699b68304ad99a0764ef9a

Liquidity and Anonymity Mining

Please refer to the following sections for details.

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