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Cyclone Protocol v2.0 Anonymity/Liquidity Mining Guide

Cyclone Protocol v2.0 is launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This article provides a step-by-step guide using MetaMask as an example. Other BSC-compatible wallets such as TokenPocket, TrustWallet are supported and can be used in the same way.

Preparation: Connect your Metamask with BSC

1. Install MetaMask

PC:;iOS: Use Hong Kong or US ID and search for MetaMask in the AppStore to install;Android: Search MetaMask in Google Play to download;

2. Connect to the BSC Mainnet

Open MetaMask, set the password as required, save and confirm the mnemonic phrase, complete the new account creation/import;Click on the network and select "Custom RPC" to enter the deployment interface:

Fill in the information as below to connect MetaMask to BSC Network name: BSC Mainnet RPC URL: Chain ID: 56 Symbol: BNBBlock Explorer URL:

3. Deposit Assets into BSC Mainnet Wallet

Deposit $BUSD, $BNB, $BSC-Peg IOTX into BSC mainnet wallet and participate in Cyclone Anonymity Mining! The easiest way to deposit is to withdraw from your binance account. Please make sure have at leave 0.1 BNB in your MetaMask account, as each deposit will have 0.1 BNB deposited together with your asset ($BNB, $BUSD or $IOTX) into the pool which will be fully refunded to your withdrawal address, and help you with further operations.

Buy CYC from Pancake

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Anonymity Mining - Deposit

1. Go to cyclone website and launch app.

2. Select to "Binance Smart Chain" as shown below

3.Click ”Connect“ and select the wallet to be connected to. We select MetaMask as example in this guide.

4.Select the pool you want to participate in.

5.Approve $BUSD/$CYC (or any token) spend by clicking the "Approve" button.

6.Click "Confirm", and the token spend authorization is complete!

7.Make a deposit

After token authorization is approved , click "Deposit" to deposit your assets into the pool.

Note: back up your note!Copy the note, check the box, and paste your note into the text box.Click"Send Deposit" button and start anonymity mining!Be sure to record the note on paper or in keystore, and don't share it with anyone. If you lose your note, you will also lose the access to withdraw your deposit!

Anonymity Mining v2 - Withdraw

Enter "Withdraw" page, fill in your backup note and the recipient address, click "Withdraw" button on the bottom to complete it!

Liquidity Mining - Stake

1.Click "Mining" button on the website menu bar.

2.Click "Add Liquidity" to enter Pancakeswap page.

3.Add in $CYC and $BNB to create $CYC/$BNB Liquidity Pair("LP") on Pancakeswap.

4.Return to the mining interface, enter your participated LP amount and click "Stake" to complete it! Now you can start liquidity mining!

Liquidity Mining - Unstake

Renturn to the mining interface, enter the LP amount you want to unstake and click "Unstake" button to complete it!

Cross-chain Transfer of $CYC

1.Download ioPay wallet on IoTeX Network, open ioPay and click into the discovery page, click ioTube, the asset cross-chain bridge, to start $CYC transfer from IoTeX Network to BSC Mainnet.

2.Click on the V4 preview to transfer assets from IoTeX Network to BSC Mainnet (V3 is for IoTeX and Ethereum Bridge).

3.Choose asset $CYC in the drop-down list, enter the transfer amount, and fill in your BSC Mainnet wallet address to received the $CYC on BSC (it's your MetaMask BSC wallet address!)

4.Click “Convert” and wait for the confirmation. Your $CYC cross-chain transfer from IoTeX to BSC is complete!

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