Smart Contracts

Source Code

The smart contracts of Cyclone Protocol is open source under GPL-3.0 license, which can be found in

Deployment and Contract Addresses

IoTeX Mainnet

  • Cyclone Token: io1f4acssp65t6s90egjkzpvrdsrjjyysnvxgqjrh

  • Timelock: io10jv5lvagcgyvzagdlymagucyp3sy9ykktkudth

  • GovernorAlpha:io1w8n28wr5dpc2uh3pzvx4n402h0l2agmu67a26x

  • Aeolus: io1j2rwjfcm7jt7cwdnlkh0203chlrtfnc59424xc

  • Hasher: io1pfq0g3ye7pp0gamtw4hj9kskunn3ue7400wdm5

  • Verifier: io1rn3z2c9hc3fxnukwa0cl69hdveh0uy8mar8vqr

BSC Mainnet

  • Cyclone Token:0x810ee35443639348adbbc467b33310d2ab43c168

  • Aeolus: 0x567da514637cfd7f9e1f185ae4aa163b3ebb5363

  • C3PO Pool:0x66b5e322dc31f8c7a33ffd23975163795f8d16c7

  • R2D2 Pool: 0xbe19d541389c9d3e03efc08f3d5008e8c9cc42a5

  • BB8 Pool: 0x79459751f6882868d1299bfa412428488b434541

  • Verifier: 0x9286e9271bf497ec39b3fdaef53e38bfc6b4cf14

Ethereum Mainnet

  • Cyclone Token: 0x8861cff2366c1128fd699b68304ad99a0764ef9a

  • Timelock: TBD

  • Aeolus: TBD

  • Hasher: TBD

  • Verifier: TBD

Audit Reports

Audit Report by ChainShield

No major issue has been identified. 5 low impact findings in the report.

A detailed report can be found here:

Audit Report by Slowmist

No major issue has been identified by Slowmist. A detailed report can be found here: