How to Deposit

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Cyclone with ioPay Mobile App

The official IoTeX wallet, ioPay, is available to download for mobile(iOS, Android, APK).

Download from

Step 1 - Create/Import Wallet on ioPay

Create a new address: create a wallet if you don't have one. When prompted, record your address, private key/mnemonic phrase.

Import Wallet: if you already have an IoTeX wallet, you may import it using your keystore file, private key/mnemonic phrase.

Step 2 - Prepare IOTX

You can use deposit on ioPay to view options of getting IOTX.

Step 3 - Open "Cyclone App" in “Discover”

Click “More” if you cannot find the Cyclone icon shown above. Or, you can directly type or paste the Cyclone website url ( in the top searching bar.

Step 4 - Connect Wallet with Cyclone

Step 5 - Select a Pool and Click “DEPOSIT”

Step 6 - Prepare to Send Deposit

  1. Click the copy icon at the end of the note and back it up on your phone out of ioPay (Important!! You will lose your fund if you don’t find your note)

  2. Check the box of “I have backed up the note”, and paste your NOTE to the white border-box below.

Step 7 - Click "SEND DEPOSIT"

Step 8 - Confirm on ioPay to Sign Transaction and You are All Set

Cyclone with ioPay Desktop

If you prepare using ioPay desktop, please follow these similar steps:

  1. Download the ioPay desktop

  2. Open ioPay Desktop

  3. Create a wallet or import wallet

  4. Make sure you have enough fund in your wallet

  5. Click “Launch App” button

  6. Select a pool, then click “DEPOSIT”.

  7. Click the copy button to copy the NOTE

  8. Please make sure your NOTE backed up securely on your laptop/computer. The NOTE will be automatically downloaded as a txt file as well.

  9. Click the checkbox of “I backed up the note”, and past your NOTE to the white border-box below.

  10. Click “SEND DEPOSIT”

  11. Confirm on ioPay and sign the transaction

  12. You are all set

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